Decorate Your Space With Accents & Glass Furniture

Faux Glass, tinted or statement pieces, there are many ways to incorporate glass into your home

Your space might be formal, a place to entertain family and friends or simply a space to just kick back and relax. However you use your space it should be a reflection of your style and easily fit your needs. Some times when decorating the choices can become overwhelming and the end result may not be what you first envisioned.

Picture this: You're searching for new accent pieces to add style to your dining room or the perfect accent table to make a statement in your living room, and you cant seem to decide between traditional wooden furniture or go the modern route featuring glass accents and clean lines.

Modern glass accents are commonly constructed with solid bases, for those who feel compelled to choose traditional wood furniture , now is the time to move on and explore options in glass furniture that you might not be aware of!



Faux Glass - Acrylic & Lucite Furniture

If you like the attractiveness of glass furniture but are not completely sold on the idea, consider acrylic & lucite furniture. Acrylic and lucite furniture do not carry a significant visual weight with them, which makes them ideal for smaller living spaces and they also feature a solid internal structure which gives you the look of glass and none of the drawbacks. 
















Tinted Glass

One of the best things about glass is its clarity. Glass is amazing for interior design and provides a clean finish. Whether your space is small or open with lots of light, glass provides a very open feel and great reflective surface for light. If you are not a fan of the ultra modern look then tinted glass coupled with metals comes together flawlessly to create a richer look.







Statement Pieces

Mirrored furniture is not a new trend, however it certainly is timeless. I have always incorporated a couple of pieces of mirrored furniture to add personality to a space. One or two pieces are enough to make a statement, you do not want to over do it! Key with mirrored furniture is to spot it in a place where it can reflect light and maximize its effect. Most importantly clean your mirrored furniture to keep it looking its best.